Arm Genius is thrilled to be the creative catalyst behind Galiwa, the brainchild of Galiwango Eddie, Founder, and Director of this visionary healthcare organization. As the digital architects of Galiwa's online presence, we've brought to life a platform dedicated to delivering personalized, convenient, and accessible healthcare services and nutraceuticals to enhance your overall health and wellness.

Galiwa proudly stands as a BFsuma ambassador, offering a diverse range of healthcare solutions. Through strategic web development, design, and digital strategy, Arm Genius has enabled Galiwa to connect with a wider audience, ensuring that their mission of quality healthcare reaches everyone.

Our expertise has transformed Galiwa into a healthcare hub where services are seamlessly accessible. We've championed Galiwa's vision of making healthcare a personalized experience, allowing you to access the support you need with ease.

Explore our portfolio to witness how Arm Genius has collaborated with Galiwa in creating a healthcare revolution that's poised to make a positive impact on lives. Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey towards healthier, more vibrant living."


Duration project: 21days

Client: Dr Galiwango Eddie

Web Design

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